About Ippin Ramen

Organic & Fresh food Industry Sdn Bhd was established in May 2009 and is currently located at Prai, Penang, Malaysia. We are the first company to manufacture Instant semi dry ramen with the trademark of “Ippin” in Malaysia.

Our Product range has been increased to present stage of eight varieties which comes in different flavors to cater the need of locals as well as overseas market.

The products of Organic & Fresh Food Industry Sdn Bhd are best known for freshness, palatable taste and consistent quality. By meeting the requirements of GMP, HACCP and HALAL certification standards, our products quality and hygiene performance are well assured.

Ramen Introduction

Ramen’s origins can be traced to China. The dish made its way to Japan Via the country’s three major ports: Yokohama, Kobe and Nagasaki. In Japan, Ramen was known as Dragon noodles in reference to China’s mythical beast. It is said the name comes from the act of pulling the dough with the hands to form the noodles, thus Ramen. In China, the noodles were seasoned with salt before a broth of chicken or pork was poured over. To suit the palate, other seasonings like soy sauce was introduced and soon developed into the much-loved dish today.

Social Responsibility

  • Provide food for orphanage & old folks home

  • Products produce are suitable for consumption of consumer, which are no added Artificial colouring & Artificial Fragrance

  • Manage all the waste discharge in the proper way to less pollution of water and environment

Company Profile

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